We are very proud to be stockists for TIER® Natural Stone Solutions. TIER® is a modular panel system and can be fitted to various internal and external structures and can be delivered by us throughout North Lancashire and South Cumbria.

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Natural Stone Solutions

TIER® is a range of revolutionary, fast-track construction materials, designed to create an authentic appearance every time. This product will achieve a quality finish in the most time efficient way.

TIER® Systems are designed to combine the beauty and durability of real stone, with the ease of fitting using thin stone veneers or panels. Using natural limestone, slate, quartz, granite, basalt and sandstone maintaining traditional masonry methods which produce a consistent and authentic appearance. Each modular panel is completely unique, each having its own colours, sizes and textures All products must pass quality control procedures as well as meeting colour variance guidelines. These standards ensure a high-quality product and result in a stunning finish on any application.

TIER® is available in many different colours and styles, such as Charcoal, White, Ivory, Ochre or Autumn

Advantages of using TIER®

You will achieve an authentic stone finish with all the charm and character of a dry-stone wall. But with less work and less cost.

Tier’s versatility allows it to be used on both interior and exterior walls, and on commercial or residential projects; making the product versatile enough to suit builders, architects and homeowners.

It is elegant and simple and extremely efficient to install. It is possible to install up to 30m sq per day. There is hardly any waste produced making it cost effective again-traditional stone has up to 25% wastage.

TIER® Panel system comes with a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Method of Construction

Tier is a natural stone panelling system, designed to create a characteristic, natural stone finish.

The panels rise in interlocking “tiers”, fitting seamlessly together. This reduces the need for specialist labour and makes Tier a quick and easy system to use. Suitable for small projects, homes or large developments; Tier transports the timeless character of real stone to any location.

The Tier panels use a larger base panel than many other panelling systems which allows a greater variation in stone sizes. This gives an authentic dry wall appearance.

The Panels Range from 548 mm – 348 mm long by 152 mm high and weigh approximately 48 kg per m2